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Puissance (Power in French)

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

One of the French words for power is Puissance. A few words that translate Puissance are: strength, might, authority, energy, vigor, drive, and spirit. There is power in Poetry. I’ll say it again, ”There is POWER in the words of Poetry” or whatever Tasha Cobbs said. *laughing face emoji

There are many quotes, bible verses, and spiritual principles that talks about the power words possess. Poetry possesses words therefore, poetry has power. My life was and continues to experience the power of poetry. Have you ever read, heard, or seen words that touched you deeply? Well, that’s just part of the power words possess. First, it grabs your attention. Then, the words perform the necessary work on your heart and minds simultaneously. Next, it gives you the power you need to live and love accordingly. Lastly, the words remain with you etched on your mind and heart for whenever you need a reminder or reboot.

I believe that this power gives you the inner strength that is crucial to your personal growth and development. Sometimes we go through things alone and the right words help us find that needed courage. I recently(a year ago) went through a very emotionally challenging time with a divorce and learning new levels, depths and dimensions of self-love. Poetry was the powerful weapon that helped me win, live and love accordingly. A large portion of my poetry in my book is centered on the journey of self -love.

The power of words is alive and well. May the power of poetry and various forms of prose find you and aid you through whatever you are dealing with or have need of.

Your Poet,


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