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Break, Breathe, Balance, & Begin

Breaks are so necessary. When was the last time you took a break? Do you need one as you read this? Or are you too returning from a much-needed break? I am back from a much-needed break. My break consisted of some emotional breakdowns, rides on an emotional roller coaster, releasing anger on undeserving people, crying spells of frustration, consuming fire of helplessness, therapy, new accomplishments, new professions, new mental toughness/fortitude, and a continuum of growth.

 I was having a hard time maintaining balance with my art, work, home, health, and a new life adjustment of dealing with an aging parent. An aging parent with Alzheimer’s Dementia.  Anyone reading this who has elderly/senior parents, family members, or loved ones with Alzheimer's Dementia can fully relate to the toll it takes on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Tears still fill my eyes because you are grieving a living person. The physical is them but the mind is not her. So you try to enjoy those brief moments it is fully them. My family and I are still figuring out how to navigate this adjustment that none of us have the knowledge, skill, or emotional capacity to navigate.

I went to therapy for some help in how to navigate this adjustment, maintain balance, and continue to be productive and make progress on my goals. I am grateful that my therapist was able to provide me with therapy and mindfulness coaching. I needed both because I was in an emotional wreck but I still needed to maintain progress and productivity to be able to help myself and my family. I am so grateful for my experience with my therapist Mr.Cliford Daniels Jr, LCSW. 

Therapy gave me the clarity and tools I needed to grieve, find balance, make progress, and be productive. Excuse me as I give my flowers. My family supported my sister and I in stepping up to

help with Mom. To my Lorminey’s reading this thank you. Thank you to my Georgia family that was right by our side helping us through this and showing up in ways we did not even know we needed. Thank you. I had a solid support system. Thank you to my dearest friend Rayna for the space you provided that nurtured me with just the strength, energy, and insight I needed to press on day to day. Thank you to my dear friend  Douglas for the quality time and laughter you gave me every weekend and the daily calls that always made my heart full. My work family regularly checked in: Dr.Hill, Bullard, C.Smith/teammate, Stepp, Dr.Johnson, Mr.Bennet, Rivas, Soper, Staples, White, and my Volleyball family Coach Rodgers and Coach Ciceron. My AP Dr.Hill moved mountains for me to be able to take Mom to therapy twice a week. She checked in with me daily. You are one of the reasons I return each year. Working with you is a blessing. Thank you Dr.Stanley for checking in from North Carolina regularly and providing a space for Zulmie LLC to share its gift with your young scholars. Thank you to my social media community that continued to engage with the little I was doing. I appreciate you. Thank you to my village! 

The support allowed me to accomplish some things. I passed my Insurance course and exam. I am licensed in Property & Casualty Insurance and Insurance Adjusting. I am currently taking a class and preparing to be certified as a PCC Coach by the International Coaching Federation. My Coaching Professor, Chris Hicks is providing an additional space of support, transformation, and empowerment that gives power to walk in the fullness of the next shift of my life. Thank you, Professor Hicks.

I took a much-needed break. I was sinking. The break allowed me to be nurtured, supported, and prepared for this shift I am moving in. If you are reading this and you are at a point where you need a break please do so. Check-In on the people around you. People are suffering alone or navigating through new life adjustments and just need someone to check-in. 

Thank you for continually supporting me and waiting patiently for the new blog and podcast.

Love Your Poet,


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