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New Year Jitters, Reflections, & Gratitude

As I write this, it is two o’clock in the morning on New Year's Day. I juggled many different ideas of what to write, considering how long it has been. I was stuck on what to write. Do I go deep? Do I stay surface level? Or do I smile and type as if everything is perfect. The inner me said, “Yeah, yeah, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve shut up, it is the New Year, just write a New Blog post.” So, here I am writing the New Blog post.

Happy New Year! Despite what you went through, if you are reading this you made it. You made it through 365 days that were not easy nor perfect all 365. So this tells you and me that we are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually you survived 365 days of whatever your 2022 narrative was. Let me reiterate, you survived 365 days of whatever your 2022 narrative WAS, heavy emphasis on the was there. Keeping that in mind, you are ready to face 2023 head on.

Take on 2023 with the actualized strength and perseverance of 2022. In the moments that are not perfect or easy, stop and reflect on what the lesson, wisdom, or knowledge I will gain from this. Then shift into an attitude of gratitude by taking a mental, written, or digital note of what you are thankful for. Next, find a place of peace. That place of peace can be a physical place, a mental place, or even an activity that brings peace. Whatever the place of peace is for you, find it, and remain there until you are ready to deal with the uneasy/ imperfect moment. Lastly, deal with that moment with a clear, level, and peaceful mind.

The narrative of 2022 may not have been a beautiful fairytale however, it was a story of survival. You made it through 365 days ALIVE! We should’ve, would’ve, or could’ve focused on all the negatives of 2022 but, why? It is the first day of the New Year but for you reading this it is several days into the New Year. Do we really want to bring in 2022 with us? I am sure you answered no. Let 2023 be its own NEW Narrative. Happy New Year!

Thank you for continually supporting me and waiting patiently for the new blog and podcast.

Love Your Poet,


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