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Getting Back @ It!

Finding your way back to normalcy during or after a life adjustment is not as easy as all the feel-good cliches state. Since my last blog entry, I have been finding balance, help, and support for my current life adjustment, as an aging parent. Anyone reading this that has elder/senior parents can fully relate and understand what that fully consists of and brings with it. In an attempt to get back to normalcy, this blog is one step.

Oftentimes when dealing with adjustment/adjusting to major life changes one strays from things they love, self-care, and many more. I stopped blogging, podcasting, posting on social media, self-care routines, and socializing, just to name a few. There was one thing that I did continue to maintain and that was working out. No matter how long or short the workout I did something. The only time I did not work out was during spring break and trust me I felt it in my body. However, returning from Mexico I worked out less than normal. I usually work out five days a week. As I am writing this blog I am happy to share that last week was my first week back on my regular workout schedule. I even incorporated doing two days of thirty minutes of cardio after work. Back to normalcy with my workout routine feels good.

I posted on social media last week Thursday. I shared a video on IG about slowly getting back to regularly posting. I appreciated all the engagement the post received on IG. I have been posting every day since 2018 with little to no break. Posting started to feel like a job instead of flowing in my creative element. Doing my IG Live Show started to become a lot of work behind the scenes. However, after each show, it did fill my soul, but not enough to deal with work, health, personal life, and my aging parent. It was challenging to find balance and order. If you know me, having balance and order is central.

My regular self-care and self-help routines were not helping. I was not writing in my gratitude journal daily, I was doing my morning reading, I was not journaling, I was not meal prepping, and many other self-care and self-help routines. I was just going through the motions and did not know how to find the balance and order I needed for what I was currently dealing with. I thought to myself let me look into therapy. The last time I went through a major life adjustment I had therapy twice a week and was able to talk things out and gain a lot of insight, perspective, and tips to help with adjusting. I am glad I looked into it. In my first session which involved a lot of completing the intake process, my therapist did not end the session without giving me tips, tools, and homework to help me. It was exactly what I needed to start getting back to some level of normalcy.

During or after a life adjustment finding your way back to normalcy can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes our regular self-care or self-help routines may not be enough. I would advise seeking a good therapist that can help give insight, new perspective, and tools to efficiently navigate life adjustments. I know in many communities (especially my communities= Haitian and Black-American) therapy is taboo. However, that taboo and stigmatization are from some people who have probably never been to therapy or yet alone reaped the benefits of therapy. If you are reading this blog and going through something that you just do not have the capacity or ability to deal with please seek help from therapy to a support group.

Thank you for continually supporting me and waiting patiently for the new blog and podcast.

Love Your Poet,


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🙏🏾🙏🏾 for you!!! I had cared for an aging parent as well so I am aware of what that brings. No exact experience is the same but there are some similarities. I pray for you mental and emotional strength as well as your physical.

Always Love

Michael C a.k.a. ", Blood Brother Mike"

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