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New Year, New Me, New You

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, a new you, and a new me. Every year we celebrate a New Year. We come up with resolutions, set goals, intentions, and plan out how we desire the year to go. There are some people that do not even do any of the things previously mentioned. Whether you do or not prepare to usher in the New Year I challenge you all to adopt the daily mindset and routine that celebrates, sets resolutions, goals, intentions, and plans.

Every day you grow. That growth gives you new insight, knowledge, wisdom, and information to apply to your life. The next day and each day after will continuously give you a whole new experience followed by new insight, knowledge, wisdom, and information. Therefore, every day is New. You are New, I am New, We all New. Celebrate every day!

There’s a viral video of Lauryn Hill explaining how it is the first time you are meeting her and how she had to reintroduce herself to her mother and father. She further explains as she grows each day she learns more and more about herself. She shares the gem that anything not growing is dying.

Each day is New and we should be growing with the gift of each day. May 2022 be a year full of New experiences daily. May each day be full of exponential growth. May new insight, knowledge, wisdom, and information you gain from each day be applied to your life perfectly. Happy NEW Year/Day!

P.S. Thank you for making 2021 a great year!

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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