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FALL, Not just the Season

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

The Fall season is here. It is sweater weather, Moto jacket, boot season, pumpkin spice everything, harvest feast, and Halloween to mention a few of the fall goodies people love this season. Whether you like the season or not I am sure you partake in at least one or two of the seasonal goodies.

In addition to the goodies we enjoy, there are other aspects of the season to take notice of as well. If we analyze nature and the fall season we can have an insight into what this season can or will consist of. We see the falling and changing color of leaves, the temperature grows colder, plants stop making food, animals prepare for long months ahead and daylight starts to shorten. The three major changes you can expect that I have experienced are changes in relationships, planning and preparing for the next season and deep reflection.

The falling and the changing color of leaves, the temperature growing colder, and plants stop making food all are synonymous with relationships in our lives. This fall season, prepare for relationships to fall apart, off, or out of existence. Some relationships will grow colder. Those relationships are those that grow colder because of personal circumstances. This relationship may spring back in the spring. Lastly, there will be those relationships that once fed you will no longer provide nutrients. Your taste buds have changed and you need new, different, and healthier nutrients to nourish the new space you are in.

Planning and preparing this fall is essential for you to flourish in Spring. The fall cold will have many want to sleep, stay in, drink coco, or out somewhere enjoying fall festivities. Enjoy the season but spend time planning, preparing, and executing goals, or projects. Whatever you work on is what will flourish in Spring time. In the spring you should be reaping the benefits of what you sowed in the Fall. After reading this blog I encourage you to create a list of goals and projects that you can work on. Once you have created that list, prioritize the list and then set a deadline or due date for each and get to work each day. Happy planning and preparing.

Daylight will be shortening in the fall. You will experience more darkness. Darkness can be used as a time for deep reflection. We all have some deep repressed memories, thoughts, truths, and hurt that hinder growth. Spend this fall reflecting on one or two of these deep memories, thoughts, truths, or hurt. Journal about it. In your journal entry ask the question why and explore the depths of what the why will surface. If you have access to therapy, speak about it. If you do not have access to therapy, research what programs are available to give you access to therapy. You will be surprised by the free access to therapy that exists. Let’s heal this fall.

The fall season is upon us and there is more to it than sweater weather, boot season, pumpkin spice everything, harvest feast, and Halloween. This season also consists of the change in relationships, planning, and preparation, and the experience of darkness. I encourage you to enjoy all the fall goodies of this season but also work on relationships, plan, prepare and execute goals and projects, and do some deep reflection. Happy Fall!

Thank you to all of you who continually support me and waited patiently for the new blog and podcast.

Love Your Poet,


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