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A Note of Support

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Support comes in many forms. We can show support physically, emotionally, mentally, and monetarily. Showing support speaks volumes to the one receiving the support. All of you who purchased, “Rotten Soup” showed support in a major way.

“Rotten Soup” went on pre-sale on July 4, 2019. Many people purchased the book, family, friends, associates, and social media friends (haven’t met personally yet). I loved the extra mile people when to show their support by sending me copies of their receipts via text, email, and private messages on social media.

I am truly grateful for all who made their purchase. I am grateful for all those that are planning or in the process of purchasing their copy. Your purchase means a lot to me. It communicates support and belief in what I am doing. Your purchase further confirms that I cannot stop doing what I am doing.

I desire that when you read, “Rotten Soup” you will see, hear, taste, and feel my words. In engaging with my words you will go on an emotional journey and walk away feeling empowered. This book is the first of many poetic works to come. Thank you again for your support!

Your Poet,


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