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A Book Of Poetry

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

A Book Of Poetry

One of my life dreams was to write a book of Poetry filled with poems I wrote. For years the dream remained just that a dream. I never worked on making that dream a reality. Over time that dream was deferred and dried up like a raisin in the sun.

I went through a life-altering event that had me take a hard look at the life I was living. I asked myself some tough questions: What dreams have I accomplished? What did I build? What legacy am I leaving behind for my nieces, nephews, younger cousins, and youth I mentor? How much money do I have saved? What financial investments have I made? Do I own a home or land? These were some tough questions that set a fire in my soul to accomplish every dream, goal, and plan I allow to defer. In addition, I will build, invest, save, and prepare a future for my nieces, nephews, younger cousins, and youth I mentor.

On July 4, 2019, my life dream of writing a book of Poetry was no longer deferred. My book, “Rotten Soup” went on pre-sale. This date will always a reminder of the Independence Day of Dreams. This day will be a reminder that my dreams may be deferred but not dead. I won the fight of mental and emotional slavery. I am free to live out every dream.

I desire for my book to play a role in the liberation of ALL who read it. My “Rotten Soup” be the perfect weapon and tool that leads to your Independence Day from whatever mental and emotional war within.

Your Poet,


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