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It has been a minute since I wrote a blog. The last blog post was on April 8th. After writing the last blog I had fallen into the space of just going and going. Work, Volleyball, Zulmie LLC, Goals, and Life itself were getting overwhelming. Making it to the last day of school was a daily struggle. To help me make it each day, I would think of my trip to Jamaica from 5/31-6/7/2022, several days after school ends.

The daily struggle of making it to the end of the school year also impacted my desire and energy to create content. I normally use the weekends to work on creating my blog and podcast but I found myself just using the weekends to rest and prepare myself for the work week. So, that is the reason for not putting out a blog or podcast since April. However, I did manage the energy to make sure I post on IG and FB every or every other day. Normally, I am adamant about posting every day and not falling off but I did not care. If I did not feel like posting just to post I did not force it. Surprisingly that one day did make a difference. It allowed me not to have any additional stress on top of the stress I was already feeling. I also managed to maintain Zulmie’s Poetic Family and Friends show.

Needless to say, I managed to make it to the last day of school, and off to Jamaica, I went. My trip to Jamaica was much needed. I was able to rest, relax, and enjoy the Island. Each day was a new adventure, experience, and enjoyment. I faced many fears while on my trip. First, I went on a trip alone, outside of the US without my travel buddy, Stephanie Piquion (my blood cousin and close friend). Although Stephanie was not with me physically she was with me via text, facetime, and advice by helping me fully to overly prepare for my trip. Every day before the trip she would send me a checklist of all the items that I would need. I also used my birthday gift Stephanie gifted me for this trip which was a six-pack set of packing cubes, travel luggage organizers with a laundry bag, and a shoe bag. Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate you.

Second, I zipped lined and went snorkeling. I never zipped lined in my life and thought I would never do it in my lifetime. As I aged I have grown afraid of heights. The last time I did anything involving heights was riding a roller coaster and that was over 20 years ago. If you know me you know that I cannot swim and will not go past 5ft and I am way taller than 5ft. I have a fear of water and so that is why I never wanted or desired to learn how to swim. I faced that fear in Jamaica while snorkeling in the middle of the ocean. Of course, I shocked myself during my trip. I will need to write a blog about facing fears and the aftermath/mind.

Lastly, visiting various farms on the Island was an experience. I went hiking while on the volleyball camping trip and I did not like it at all. My farm experience was completely different. I am not an outdoorsy person. Hiking involved climbing and trying to get to a point to see the waterfall. Farming is respecting the land, reverencing the land, and replenishing the land. To see how the Earth gives you what you need when you need puts you in a position of gratitude and reverence for the Earth/land. That experience made me want my garden and confirmed me being on track with my current way of eating. My trip was exactly what I needed to come back to summer school, volleyball, Zulmie LLC, my Goals, and Life fully refreshed, relaxed, and full of energy. If you are planning or desire to visit Jamaica I would highly recommend booking with Mosaic Travel and Tours.

Often we get stuck going and doing that we get so overwhelmed and stressed. It is important that when you reach a place of being overwhelmed and stressed that you take some time out for yourself. For me, it was my trip to Jamaica. However, if you do not have the time or resources to leave the US you can do things locally. Sometimes in nature, a walk in the park or a waterfall will suffice. A mini staycation for a day or two works as well. Or spending a few hours at your favorite place or a short road trip can also help alleviate being overwhelmed and stressed. Also during this time please exercise the beauty of saying NO to anything that will add additional stress. I am grateful for knowing when and what to say NO to during this time. I am grateful for having the time, mental space, and energy to write today’s blog. Thank you to all of you who continually support me and waited patiently for the new blog and podcast.

Love Your Poet,


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