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The Gift of Goodbye

My brothers, sisters, and I never say goodbye. We have coined my Dad’s “Ciao.” It was my younger brother that said never say goodbye, say see you later. We all also noticed my Dad never said goodbye; he always says “Ciao.” Saying goodbye means goodbye for good, no return.

There will be some relationships along our journey we will say goodbye to. Some of those relationships needed to end and saying goodbye was the best thing you ever did. Then there are those relationships that no said goodbye verbally but physically it’s over, no return. Lastly, there are relationships that we outgrow and goodbye is understood. No matter the type of relationship, let goodbye be a gift that remains near and true.

Any relationship that is physically, mentally, and emotionally toxic deserves the gift of goodbye immediately. However, that is not always the case. When that individual finds the strength and fortitude to leave that toxic relationship goodbye will be the sweetest gift. If anyone reading this is in a toxic relationship may you find the inner strength and motivation to give yourself the gift of goodbye.

If you are in a relationship be it intimate, friendship, or even a family relationship that is over but no one said goodbye, know it has been said nonverbally. Now your task is to feel all emotions of a “breakup,” heal and move on with your life. Understand your value and worth and know that neither you nor the other person valued the relationship enough to say goodbye or try to restore it to wholeness. However, this goodbye can be temporary and some relationships can find restoration. Each case is different and it depends on what caused the distant, cold, nonverbal goodbye. Move accordingly with you being a priority.

When you grow and heal you will outgrow many relationships. When you decide to love yourself above all else, all relationships change. Some relationships will grow with you and some will grow apart from you. In some relationships, the other person is growing in a different direction that does not align with your growth so both individuals are growing. However, the growth is not conducive to the maintenance of your relationship. Growth is the silent goodbye that is understood. No love is lost but both people move on with their lives navigating their new growth.

No matter which category of goodbye you are experiencing, let goodbye be a gift. We all experience growth in various phases of our lives and relationships change or end. The only relationship you never want to say goodbye to is the relationship with yourself. Every relationship is secondary and if it does not align with the relationship you have with yourself, let goodbye be a gift. May you all experience the beautiful gift of goodbye.

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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