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The Calm Before the Storm

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It was the calm before the storm and All throughout the world, not a Poet was stirring, not even Zulmie. Venues spaces had hanging invoices, in hopes that Zulmie will soon be there. Did those few revised lines from the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore warm your heart and anxious for the upcoming events?

As I was writing, I got the warm tingly feeling that reassured me that these events will be AWESOME. Today, I met the Owner of K Klass, Luxury Apparel while at the Jerk Hut, in Dacula, Georgia. We were talking about clothes, culture, and what we do. I told her that I would be doing a book event next month right in the same shopping center at the TradeWinds Coffee Co. She said she would love to come and added it to her google calendar. How, amazing right? That interaction gave me peace that these future events are going to all successful. So, Mrs.Philpot I look forward to having you at “Rotten Soup” book signing social in October.

To all of you who are subscribed to Zulmie and have been engaging with Zulmie before, “Rotten Soup” I certainly look forward to seeing at one of the few events I have lined up. October and November events/socials will be in Georgia. The December event/social will be in Greenville, North Carolina. Plans are being made for Virginia, Florida, and New York. If you would like to host a “Rotten Soup” in your state just send me an email or private message on Facebook or IG. The Eventbrite for the first event will be going out on the 12th of this month to give people a month to plan. Those who RSVP early and on time will get a gift. *smiley face emoji*

Thank you to everyone who has purchased their copy of “Rotten Soup” and who engage regularly with my social media page, blog post, and podcast. Keep your eyes out on social media and email for event information. I will also release a video promoting October’s event. Looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you for all those that have been reposting my content and sharing their favorite poem/s on their page. The calm before the storm will come to an end and you will be at a “Rotten Soup” event/social. See you Soon!!!

Your Poet,


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