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Thank You, See You in November

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

October 12th was a success! The people were Beautiful, present, and engaged. My team was amazing and efficient. The guitarist was strumming all our ears with his playing. Everything flowed seamlessly. The night was not long nor short, but it was just enough time. The pastries and coffee were delicious and many taste buds were introduced to Haitian patties. Yup, I know you’re wondering why haven’t you ever had a Haitian patty? Don’t cry its ok, I know you’ve been robbed of tasting something magically deliciousness….lol

Thank you to everyone that attended the “Rotten Soup” first event. Thank you to those that were with use virtually the entire time through social media. I am grateful to you ALL! I look forward to your feedback from the survey I sent on Sunday evening. If you did not get it, send me an email and I will forward you the link. I did get early feedback before I sent out the survey and I’ll share:

“Thank you so much. I enjoyed the event. I really enjoyed the interactive parts of the event because it gave your audience a chance to participate. It was very well organized. Kudos to you and your whole team.”- Nichole S.

This truly made my night when I received Nichole’s feedback. It let me know that all my planning, worrying, anxiousness, and nervousness were not in vain. All of those emotions allowed me to plan and prepare efficiently. So, what’s next? Glad you ask more “Rotten Soup” events. Mark your calendars for November, Wine & Cheese: Intimate Q&A. This event is a smaller-scale event. It will be more intimate and space is limited. Details and information about November’s event are on its way. Make sure you are subscribed to Zulmie, so you get all the details, updates, and notifications about events and more.

See you in November!

Your Poet,


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