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Take Inventory! You WIN Every Day

Why is it so easy to celebrate big or major wins? We hold our breath waiting to celebrate big and miss the daily moments we win. On New Year’s Eve, as I was filling in my Legend Planner in preparation for the New Year, I told myself I would be intentional about taking daily inventory of my wins. Each day as I wrote my gratitude list, I intentionally made sure one entry stated my win for that day. As I took inventory daily I noticed I won every day. I also noticed there were numerous small wins.

Many of us can relate to being guilty of just celebrating big or major wins. Have you ever stopped and taken inventory of your daily wins? As you read this, stop and think of one win for today? At least one small win should have come to mind. If you think for a little bit longer you will notice there are many wins that go unnoticed. Imagine if you practiced taking daily inventory of your wins. Envision a moment that feels like you are losing big, but you instantly start to think of a win. Instantly, you will shift the negative energy that was about to consume you and wreak havoc on the rest of your day. You will begin to experience the similar benefits of expressing gratitude when you stop and take inventory of your wins.

When I take inventory right now and reflect, I won today. I wrote this month's blog. I created content. I spent time with my beautiful niece and nephew. I spoke with my Ace Rayna for an hour. Speaking with her feeds, fuels, and fills my soul, so I won on so many levels. I had a laid-back and lazy day, which is always good for self-care. I did not force anything. These are just a few wins. If I spent a few more minutes there would be lots more.

As you go about your new week make it a practice every day to tally up your wins. If you have a gratitude journal, list a few of your daily wins. If you do not have a gratitude journal, get a small little journal or notebook and start writing out your wins and what you are grateful for at whatever designated time you feel is perfect for you. I write at night before I go to bed however, I know people who write in the morning. Find your flow and let it go. May we all create the daily habit of taking inventory of our wins.

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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