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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

I have never suffocated in the physical sense. However, I have felt suffocated. Does that make sense? For example, you get stuck in a routine. The routine has you moving robotically, just going and doing, not living just going through the motions. You feel lifeless, like you can breathe because to breathe means you have to do something before you die. Not a literal death but mentally, emotionally, energetically, artistically, creatively, or spiritually. The area of suffocation is not always detectable.

Sometimes you are breathing and excelling in many areas seamlessly, yet the one area that is lacking you do not detect. I can honestly say that all areas of my life were and are flowing so well. The air is fresh and crisp, and I enjoy breathing this air. Yet, artistically and creatively I was suffocating. I was going through the motions of posting every day that artistically and creatively I was asphyxiated. I wanted to stop and take time off from posting. During this time off I was not going to even create or write. I just wanted to stop it all. I was suffocating.

I did not stop. I had two solid supporters that kept giving me daily breath. Stephanie Piquion and Caroline Jean would get on my nerves EVERY DAY. I was so mad at them. I kept saying they do not understand what I am talking about. They are not up here posting every day they do not know this pressure. Not once did they care about my complaining. They just kept pushing me and breathing air into my lungs so I could have enough oxygen to keep going. I am grateful they did. It was enough air to get me to a shift in atmospheric pressure.

I had enough air to make it to a transformational moment in which Casey Ariel Richardson would give me the breath of Life. On February 18th I was featured on Casey’s Free Black Girls Podcast. (click here to view the full video of my feature) Casey’s energy, genuineness, love, and light seep through her pores and it is very infectious. Her presence IN-Powers you. (not familiar with the term IN-Power listen to “I Am Not A Poet episode 3 of Word Trap with Zulmie Podcast, click here) The entire time your essence is receiving from her presence Love, Power, and Light. Since the moment with Casey on the podcast feature, I have received breath and fire. I have been creating, brainstorming, and working on the areas of creativity and artistry. Enjoy the breathtaking pictures of Casey below.

Many times we are suffocating and do not realize it. Pay attention to those around you that will not let you give up. Remember that they are giving you enough air to reach your destination with the breath of life that you need to shift and transform the trajectory of your course. Remain consistent, endure, be still, and keep going and I promise you that YOU WILL RECEIVE the fresh wind and breath you need to do a NEW THING.

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

P.S. Share this month’s blog post with one other person that can use a breath of fresh air.

Love Your Poet,


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1 Comment

Wow, Zulmie - your spirit + love is just as infectious!! Thank you for the beautiful mention… and more importantly, thank you for the transparent guidance you offer to so many of us who follow you. You are loved. ♥️♥️♥️

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