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Stuck, Sad, Slow but Short-lived

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Yes, you read that correctly, Stuck, Sad, Slow but Short-lived. At times, I feel stuck and this stagnation gets me a little sad, then that causes me to move slow. However, these moments come and they are short-lived. There are moments I feel stuck in what I’m doing. 

According to the last blog post, I did inform you of what’s next for Zulmie and “Rotten Soup,” but the execution of these things is not easy. Like, where do I begin, how do I get the ball rolling, once it’s rolling even more questions come. All these questions lead to worries which then leads to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. These two feelings then lead to moments of being a little sad. 

The sadness causes me to move slow in executing what needs to be done. The operative word just mentioned was I move Slow! I am still moving but it’s slow, I am still working while, feeling stuck, sad and sluggish. These feelings are short-lived. They pass as I am still working because motivation and insight come while doing. While in the moving and doing everything works out accordingly. It’s all working out according to me flowing in alignment. Even when I feel stuck, sad, and move slowly it shortly passes because I’m in alignment. 

I am at the exact place, position, and progression of where I should be. All I have to do is continue to move and do. Like writing this blog post. I had lots of downtime at work to write it but I moved so slow. I did not want to. I rationalized it saying I put out a blog post and podcast episode last week, so I can pass this week. Being in alignment will not allow you to be a lot of chances of flowing out of alignment. I know I like consistency, so I started posting a new post and podcast episodes in an alternating weekly schedule. I do not want to become inconsistent. I moved slowly but I wrote this blog post. 

I know this a longer post than usual, however, to the individual/s that needed a sign, confirmation, or affirmation about your moments of being Stuck, Sad and Slow remember it’s Short-lived and continue to work.


Your Poet,


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