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Still Healing

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Healing is a beautiful process! At times it does not feel good, have you all crying and snotting, looking so ugly. Then, there are those moments where it can be so peaceful and calming. Those two healing moments are not the only types of moments you will experience. Healing is definitely a roller coaster that will take you on a hell of an emotional ride. This ride is a continuous almost a lifetime ride. As you progress you learn to manage the emotional highs and lows better because you have grown emotionally.

However, so many things can trigger a deeply emotional moment of healing. Last week my PR/Publicist of Zulmie LLC, Caroline Jean shared a poem with me. The poem was titled, “ Dear New Girlfriend.” Caroline recorded herself saying the poem to some music. I listen to the track while getting my car serviced. As I was sitting in the waiting area I was in tears. Her poem triggered a healing moment. I was in for a deeper ride as the right song came on in my earpod.

Sometimes the right song with the perfect lyrics, musical sound and, a vocally savage singing so powerfully that it takes you on that roller coaster ride. Caroline's poem and “Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon really had me looking so ugly sitting in that waiting area. I rode this emotional healing moment and it birthed a new poem, “Stable of Love.” Of course, this poem will be in my second book but I will share some stanzas with you because of your loyal and genuine support.

Stable of Love

He’ll tell you

I didn’t love him

Appreciate him

Or even cared about him

Hell he may even tell you

That I cheated

He just couldn’t prove it

I wish I would’ve cheated

But the way I loved him

Wouldn’t let me

I loved him

More than

I loved myself

I loved him so much

I wanted to be

His medicine

His remedy

And his healing

I wanted to love him

To freedom, life & liberty

I wanted to love him so bad

That he’d be EVERYTHING

I saw in him

I dreamed for him

I desired for him

I prayed for him

It is a little long but OMG it’s really deep. I was so shocked at the healing that was triggered while sitting in the waiting area of Toyota. Healing is a beautiful life journey. The journey is full of highs, lows, ups, downs, and a hell of an emotional ride but if you stay on the ride to the next destination and depth of your healing it will propel you to live a new level of healing. This new level of healing will be necessary for the next great things that will enter into your life.

Looking forward to seeing you on IG Live Wednesday!

Love Your Poet,


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