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Staying Alive

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Rona and Racism out in these streets taking us (Black people specifically) out. Fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and all kinds of mental distress are also adding to shortened life expectancy. Other things that can be added to the list from the food we are consuming to the negative energy we give life to but for now, we can identify with the Rona, Racism and mental distress right now has many of us just grateful for being alive.

Many of us find ourselves just grateful that we woke up the next morning. So, I wake up grateful and then find myself with no schedule to follow. I beat myself up a lot for not having a solid schedule, routine, or habit. There are a few things I do daily from creating Zulmie content, working virtually two days out the week, and writing in my gratitude journal. I am used to having a detailed schedule with time slots of how my day will flow from start to end. So, I beat myself up because I do not have that rigid detailed schedule right now. So, I am sure you are wondering what I do to not beat myself up?

Honestly, I was beating myself up until having a conversation with one of my advisors/mentors Gregory. He did point me to a few books that do talk about habits and routines (I will be adding to my library). Gregory then mentioned how just making it during such difficult times with your mental sanity should not be taken lightly. Listen here when he said that total peace to my very soul. I was so consumed with beating myself up that I was finding myself just wanting to sleep in and not even give myself time to beat me up. So, I found myself getting up later and later. If you know me you know I am a 5 am riser, so waking up after 9 am is not normal.

The newfound peace that Gregory helped me gain will allow me to be grateful I woke up daily and not beat myself up. He also suggested doing one thing daily that helps you develop as an individual, brand, or business. I decided I am going to learn one poem each week from “Rotten Soup.” Thank you so much, Greg! If you are like me and beating yourself up for not having a schedule, stop and celebrate that you made it alive.

Looking forward to seeing you on IG Live Wednesday! Join me Thursday for a Virtual Open Mic on Zoom. The Zoom ID # 91550600096. Here is a link to sign up early for Thursday and get a reminder before the Open Mic starts-

See you all this week!

Love Your Poet,


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