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Since Rona Showed Up

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Rona showed up and canceled a lot of things. Work canceled. School canceled. Social gatherings canceled. Birthdays canceled. Shopping canceled. Leisure activities canceled. Gyms canceled, even I was not going (lol). Life as we know it has been greatly impacted. I do know about anyone but my somewhat of a routine has been off. My normal consistent routine with Zulmie changed.

I was posting every day and when Rona showed up that stopped. I found myself posting only once a week. I found myself not writing any new blog post or recording any new podcast episodes. I did, however, join TikTok and created several videos of which were the content I was posting once a week. My creative mind was still working and trying to figure out how to navigate through what is the new normal with Rona’s new presence in our lives.

Once I started to reflect on navigating the Zulmie ship through Rona’s troubled waters, the ways, insights, and ideas aligned and attracted me. First, a fellow poet asked me to be a participant in a virtual spoken word session. Next, another invitation followed to be part of an IG Live Poetry. Then, I was asked for a radio interview with a local radio station. Lastly, I was asked to do a virtual creative writing workshop for a summer program. These few requests gave me insight on how to wade in the waters of Rona. I will now be doing a weekly IG Live (Wednesday @ 7 pm).

I returned to posting daily after having a conversation with my cousin (Ralphie, thank you) who also has a small business. He said now is the time to be posting more and going Live. I was being very lazy with posting but the conversation fueled me to return to my regular posting schedule. I am glad that I did. The lack of consistent posting would not have led to the good turnouts for the virtual Live Poetry sessions.

Rona did show up and disrupted our normal schedule and society as we know it. However, as we continue to navigate through it we all will find a way to return to a new normalcy. May we ALL remain safe and learn new ways to adjust to the new Rona way. Looking forward to seeing you on the weekly IG Live.

Love Your Poet,


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