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Routine, A Piece of Peace

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Maintaining a routine has been very difficult in the current climate of our society. Now add mental or emotional obstacles to the list and now we have a routine Fiasco. A piece of routine gives some peace amid COVID and all the other issues that arise. The routine does not have to be a laundry list of things. Having an extensive list of things to do routinely may cause you to get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. 

I found myself in moments of feeling overwhelmed by my extensive list of routines (routines I would love to have in place). We all have daily routines (i.e. showering, brushing our teeth, eating our daily meals, etc) that we do without thinking. These daily routines no longer require additional energy or intentionality. Of course with the additional time that COVID has ushered in we all desire to do more with our time, so we find ourselves creating new daily routines. For some, it may be adding additional spiritual practices, exercising, building a brand or business, trying out new hobbies, reading more books, or cooking more and this list can go on. 

We try to incorporate this new routine/s with our daily down pack, no brains needed routine and we manage to do it for a little while. If you are anything like me because this requires additional energy, thought, and attention I dead that routine in less than two to three weeks. Then I start beating myself up for not staying consistent in keeping this new routine. Lastly, I find myself forcing myself, energy, and all to force this routine to be regular. What is wrong with this routine? Why can’t I do it? How come it’s easy for someone else to just get it? 

Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some reflection on it. I often sit back and try to reflect on my actions, thoughts, and behaviors. When I started to think about all the questions around not being able to add this new routine, I found a pocket of unobservable truth. The truth is I was able to add one new routine. The list of new routines was so extensive that I did not notice the one routine that did stick and has remained present as I type this sentence. No matter how many routines we try to incorporate during this time do not lose focus of the ones that do stick. Periodically, take a moment now and again, stop and reflect and celebrate all the small or big routines that stick. 

Love Your Poet, 


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