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Poetry, What is this Mystery?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Poetry? What is it? We all have taken an English class and one of the topics or units covered was Poetry. Even if Poetry was not covered we can google or use a dictionary (if people still do that), or use a dictionary app to tell us the “technical” meaning of Poetry. However, I’m sure hearing what it is from my Poetic view, essence, and experience would be more interesting. *smiley face emoji*

Poetry is words that are put together powerfully, purposefully, and perfectly to convey our realist, deepest, and purest thoughts and emotions. Those words possess the power of healing, manifestation, and transformation. Poetry hits just like music. Lyrics in a song or rap is Poetry, another topic for another day. (I love music too) I LOVE Poetry!

I fell in love with Poetry when I first read “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” I was in middle school and we had to memorize that poem for English class. I completely identified with those words and it was as if time froze just to tell me you’re not alone in feeling like a “nobody.” That same teacher introduced me (the class but I swore those lessons were just for me) to Maya Angelou. Of, course my love for Poetry grew intense with the introduction to Maya Angelou. I researched her and I was falling deeper and deeper in love. At Norfolk State University I was re-introduced to Langston Hughes and that was the tip of the iceberg I was dangerously in love.

Poetry has been and continues to be a form of healing for me. Poetry helped transform some of the toughest moments in my life into beautiful pieces of poetry. Sometimes Poetry helps manifest power in me that was not there or was dormant. Poetry truly possesses power, serves a purpose and has perfect timing. I hope that my poetic work does the same for all that connect with it.

I LOVE POETRY!!!! I hope that over our time together that you will fall deeper in love with Poetry too. Poetry is all around you, you just have to open your eyes and ears. Thank you for reading this blog post and lending me your attention for a few!

Your Poet,


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