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pH Imbalance

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Most people know the word pH to mean that the acid levels are too high in your body or a particular body part. The letters pH stands for potential of hydrogen which measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. In the body, if the pH is off there is no balance. The body naturally maintains a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. Ladies as you know our vajayjay pH is vital to a healthy and balanced vajayjay.

One way I watch my pH as you know is using everything Honeypot and abstinence. I could do better with my food choices like sodas and junk food. However, when I talk to people about my abstinence journey they are intrigued. Recently, I was intrigued by a conversation I had with my niece Amya. She will be contributing to this blog post in a few paragraphs to follow. In our conversation, she mentioned a friend who posed the question “Are they worth disrupting your pH balance?” (*head blown emoji*). I was completely moved by this. Our vajayjay lets us know when our pH is off yet, we’ll ignore it because the D is so good. Deceived by the D game we do not even notice everything else is imbalanced. I am sure you are taking inventory and shaking your head like yup, I can name a few dudes that threw off every ph in and out my body.

No cap, I did not do an inventory of my D-Capades until my niece hit me with that line. If it hit me like that I could only imagine how it hit you when you read it (please feel free to email, DM, or message me about it). Now you will get to hear my niece’s insight, perspective, and understanding of this thought-provoking question. I present to you, Amya:

So, “Are they worth disrupting your pH balance?” When that became our topic of conversation, so many things simultaneously clicked and in such a short, powerful phrase. Firstly, I'd like to clarify that we are “womb-men”; Our bodies undoubtedly linked to the cyclical wax and wane of the moon, the ebb and flow of every tide, and most importantly, rooted in the essence of creation itself. We are the blueprint, always and forever.

As I spoke with my spiritual adviser, for the first time, we touched on many areas/avenues of love, intimacy, and sensuality; most of which brought awareness to society's commodified “sex-based companionship” and exploitation of the divine feminine. (Note: Every human, like DNA, is an equilibrial vibration of feminine and masculine divinity.) With my take, I tend to linger on the story of “Bluebeard”. (Definitely a foundational folktale for women of any generation to read.) I believe we are all too familiar with the trivialization and/or punishment of womb-men’s insight and intuition. To sum it up: Bluebeard is an innate predator of the woman psyche who killed every one of his wives which became too curious of the cage that they made excuses for. For “love”.

For generations, we've silenced not only our voices but our intellect, spirit, and yes, our bodies. Our wombs are screaming; containing the tide of every woman before you, every trauma before you, and wait for it: the DNA/energetic imprint of every man who’s not only had sex with you but every woman before you. Our bodies hold every memory, touch, and scar, yet, we have the suicidal tendency of silencing our intuition for the comfort of a toxic relationship. Yes, I said it. Silencing our sisters, who are reflections of the same ancestral womb insight. And finally, Silencing our bodies for illusory “pleasure”, which recognizes a toxic partner way before they've even had the chance to say hello.

So we speak of pH. When realistically, our wombs respond WAY before we should reach that level. The elevated blood pressure, the slight chills, the thoughts which surface as a certain someone approaches you, to the skin breakouts, daunting memories and antics a day after being in a certain space or shaking hands with someone, to the intensifying cramping and bleeding of every menstrual cycle during a relationship, And finally, the reoccurring BV, the yeast infections (I'd even throw in UTI’s as well) after having sex with a Partner, Stranger, Boyfriend, Husband, etc.

Now I pose this question to you: Where have you noticed patterns and excused them?

Thank you Amya for your wonderful contribution and perspective on this topic. Yes, my niece is deep and will not sugarcoat anything. May we all walk away asking “Is he worth throwing off your pH” next time we decide to engage sexually with anyone? We can also apply this question universally to every form of relationship we are engaged in from family, friends, foe, co-workers, and more. “Is anyone worth throwing off your balance?”

Love Your Poet,

Zulmie and guest, Amya

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