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One More Day Until November

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Today is the last day of October. After you celebrate Halloween your might as well put up that candy, brush your teeth, and say hello November. Once you greet November you can get excited about the next “Rotten Soup” Event. Thank you to all those that have RSVP early.

Yes, I know the location is not on the flyer. Once the tickets sell out or are no longer live on Eventbrite I will send a detailed email to all those that have RSVP’d. The space I am using is nice small and intimate. To keep that intimate vibe, I do not want to go over the room capacity. You know people will show up without RSVP’ing if the address was listed.

I look forward to keeping a nice intimate setting, so people can feel comfortable to ask any question, share any thought/s and be free to express themselves. After saying good-bye to October it will be sixteen days until the “Rotten Soup” Wine & Cheese Intimate Q&A. I look forward to seeing you all who RSVP’d. Since the months are flying by us so quickly the December event tickets will go live November 10th. This event is a collaboration event with my Artist friend and BBB(Beautiful Business Buddy). It’s an All White Paint & Poetry Winter Wonderland in Greenville, NC.

See you on November 16th at 7:00 pm sharp.

See you soon!

Your Poet,


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