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October 12th

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Less than 10 more days and October 12th will be here!!!!! I am excited, nervous, anxious and a little worried at times. I just want everything to go perfectly. I want everyone who attends to enjoy their time and leave feeling empowered and propelled into the healing and transformation they need or can use.

Regardless, of my pre-event jitters, I am looking forward to October 12th.

Earlier this week I picked up the free gifts for all the people that RSVP early. Speaking on RSVP October 3rd is the last day to RSVP. Each task I complete this week makes is more real.

October 12th is very significant and pivotal. It’s significant because it will be the first “Rotten Soup” Event, the first time my readers get to hear me spit my poetry, and the first event I organized centered around my poetic passion. October 12th is pivotal because it’s the first event that will shift and pave the way for all the events to follow afterward. It is also pivotal because this event will be the manifestation of a dream deferred, watch out world more dreams to come to reality. I am looking forward to October 12th and I know you are as well.

See you Soon!

Your Poet,


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