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No Map, Confidently Lost

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Today we have built-in navigation systems in our phones and apps to help us navigate and complete tasks. Even with the advancement of technology some people still get lost and tasks remain undone. Is it the technology or the people/us? Can we truly rely on technology to help us navigate to a destination we have never been to? Or to help us accomplish a task that has never been done before?

When it comes to navigating and accomplishing passions and dreams technology and apps can take you but so far. We learn as we navigate through the journey to manifesting your passion and dreams. I learned a lot as I was building Zulmie. Since writing, “Rotten Soup” I continue to learn more.

No app or navigation system showing me how to accomplish what I am trying to manifest and accomplish with Zulmie. However, as I accomplish one thing after the other the path is illuminated. While, on the journey key people will connect with your that will also help, give information, knowledge, and wisdom that will help shift to the next level.

On this passion and dream journey, it can become challenging when navigating new territories and accomplishing things that have never been done before. Despite the limitation of technology, the heart will be your true GPS. The fire burning in your heart that is determined to make this dream of reality will lead you. Even in the darkest moments this fire will shine a bright light and propel you forward.

I am confidently lost in navigating this Zulmie journey and I am excited about the great things that have happened and that are coming.

Your Poet,


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