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Mental Destruction

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

What do you believe is the greatest weapon of mass destruction? Automatically the average mind thinks of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is one of the greatest weapons of mass destruction. Let me inform you that we all possess an atomic bomb that is part of our physical anatomy. Curious? The atomic bomb we possess is our mind, our brain, our mental capacity, everything connected to how we think.

We all can think of quotes, scriptures, and cultural proverbs that speak to the power of our minds. I am sure you are thinking how can I compare the mind to an atomic bomb? Not to be too cliche, however, everything began with a thought, an idea, an insight, etc. Those very thoughts became reality be it good or bad, positive or negative. Think for a moment of a thought you had that had a positive impact now, think of a thought that had a negative impact. The thought had either positive dominance or negative destruction. That one thought possessed the same power as an atomic bomb but the only difference is that your atomic bomb can bring forth positive or negative impact in your life.

This week I experienced a thought that I allow to almost have a negative impact. In my profession, teachers are observed often. No teacher likes to be observed. It makes you feel micromanaged or incapable of doing your job. We know that is part of the job but it does not mean we like it. This week I was observed. After my observation, I received an email about my grade book not being updated. I formed the idea that my observer had nothing to nitpick and had to find a flaw, so the grade book was it. I continue to let this thought develop negatively. The next day I get an email from the observer telling me to complete a step to close out my observation. Automatically, I thought what is this lady’s vendetta with me? What did I do? While viewing this email my co-worker came in and saw I was not myself and said what is wrong. I shared my negative frustration. My co-worker said one thing that shifted my negative thought, “Did you even view your feedback?” No, I did not.

I did not read it because my negative thoughts would not allow me. I decided to read it. Can you guess what the feedback was? It was all positive and I received A’s as my observation grade (yes, teachers get graded too). If I did not view that feedback I would have kept the negative thoughts and allow an atomic bomb to go off at work. I am sure you are wondering how? The negative thoughts would have fueled my toxic trait of passive aggressiveness and I would have intentionally made my observer feel my aggression. I would have been dismissive towards her, not respond to any emails or speak when spoken to, or who knows how this passive aggression would have played out. I tell you what, it would have led to destruction. I am glad it did not play out and my co-worker’s insightful thought allowed me to redirect my thinking.

Our mind, our brain, our mental capacity, is our weapon of mass destruction. The beauty of our atomic bomb is that it can have a positive or negative impact on your life. Guard your thoughts! Do not initially attach negativity to your thoughts even when it may appear negative. Both negative and positive energy resides in the same space and whichever energy you initially fuel is what will continue to develop. You fuel negativity and destruction will prevail. You fuel positivity and greatness will prevail. Do not allow your atomic bomb to destroy your world. Use your atomic bomb to let greatness prevail.

Love Your Poet,


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