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Long Time Coming

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

“It's been a long

A long time coming

But I know a change gonna come

Oh, yes it will”- A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke lyrics above fully explains why my last blog post was May 1st. Sometimes change is coming and it can cause a change in your routine, schedule, plans, hell pretty much everything. Consumed by change is where I have been since my last blog post.

First, the area of change was my professional life. The school year was over for me on May 28th. The process of wrapping up this unique school year alone was a life-changing experience. I was grateful for making it through this difficult year. I was also grateful for being back in the class full-time teaching since 2018. New changes took place within these last few days of school that has changed my summer and that will impact the next school year. I am an assistant coach for volleyball and a member of the International Baccalaureate Counsel for my school. Both of these changes have and will change my professional life in a great way. However, with all changes, one has to learn how to adapt these new changes into their current routine, schedule, and plans.

Secondly, my personal life is another area impacted by change. I have been traveling, learning new skills, and building and nurturing old/new relationships. When you travel you do more than just physically unpack your suitcase. The new experience and lessons you gain have to now enhance your daily routine, schedule, and plans. Just like it takes some people a while to unpack for me, I have to mentally unpack, reflect, add and adjust my new experience to enrich my daily life.

I recently started attending a weekly skating class. I enjoy skating. It is fun and it is good exercise. The numerous experiences I gain from skating now have to be added and adjusted to my current routine, schedule, and plans. Before taking my skating class I had a small consistent workout routine and schedule. I found myself not wanting to stick to my workout schedule and just wanted to wait for skate class. Then, I found myself not sticking to my somewhat clean eating. I found myself just becoming very slack with my health. Boy, did my scale and body let me know I better straighten up or I will not meet my goals. I had to figure out how to add skating to my workout routine and schedule. It took several trials and errors but I have built it into my current summer and daily workout routine and schedule.

I have met lots of people from the skating class. However, there’s only one person that I connected with. With outside opening up and meeting new people that change will impact my relationships. I have to learn how to add and adjust old and new relationships to my daily social life. I decided to be intentional with those relationships that are consistent and to give them my time. That time may be in text, phone call, or quality time. I can add and adjust my relationships into my daily routine with proper and efficient planning. I recently went to brunch with my three close friends here in Georgia and it was a beautiful experience and much needed. I also went and practiced skating with my fellow skater from class last week. It was a wonderful experience. We were able to practice what we learned in class together. Outside opening back up and people being vaccinated will impact our social engagement and with proper planning, I can allow this change to enhance my daily life.

Lastly, my business life is another area impacted by change. I finished reading “One Million Follows” by Brendan Kane. This book had a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and insight that is essential to taking Zulmie to the next level. I have to figure out how to implement the principles and tools to the current state of Zulmie. In addition to reading, I have been collaborating with other creatives. In April I had the amazing opportunity of working with Poet Kamaria Delaney/@QueenKamaria facilitating a “Poetry is Therapy” workshop. The workshop was successful and has led us to collaborate again on another workshop we are currently planning out now. Connecting with other creatives has helped me to learn tips and new information that I can implement with what I am doing. I have been reading books to help Zulmie grow and elevate to a new level. Collaborating and communicating with other creatives gives me practical insight, wisdom, and knowledge to help Zulmie level up. Now it is up to me on how to apply both the book and practical insight, wisdom, and knowledge and apply it to my daily business life.

Change comes in many forms. Adjusting to change can sometimes have us feeling stuck on how to add or adjust this change to our current routine, schedule, and plans. It is okay if it takes a little longer to adjust to change as long as you continue to work on developing a way to add and adjust the change to your current life. I know it’s been a long time coming since I have blogged or recorded a podcast however, I have been working and have some new things coming up. Thank you for still supporting me and sticking with me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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