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Hi, My Name is Zulmie

First, things first, I Marie Zulmie Lorminey freak all the poetic homies…..(R.I.P. Biggie). I’m so not freaking I’m a Biggie fan, had to pay homage to one of the greatest. I hope you’re a Bigge fan too. I am a Poet. I go by the name, Zulmie, pronounced zool-me. Some Poets create a stage name, while others use their name. I chose to use my middle name Zulmie.

I was named after my maternal grandmother Marie Zulmie (Lavache, her maiden name)Desroches. My grandmother was a very strong dominant and no-nonsense woman. She was very mean. I thought she hated me because she hated my Dad with a passion and to her, I was his spitting image. She would often remind me of how much I look like him. Maybe she was mad because the only grandchild carrying her name looks like someone she hates(Ah-ha light, I've never thought of that before, wow). Not only do I carry her name but I also have the same initials of MZL (before she was married and added the Desroches). Of course, feeling unliked by grandma was one reason I used to dislike my name.

So, I grew up hating my middle name. I wouldn’t even tell people what the Z stood for, my name was Marie Z Lorminey and do not ask what the Z meant. Only family and close friends like family knew my middle name. Knowing my middle name was a rite of passage for all of my best friends throughout my lifetime. If I told you my middle name we were friends forever, ever, ever. I chose to use Zulmie as my Poetic stage name so, my listeners, followers, tribe, and readers of my work will know that I am sharing the most inner piece of myself. I share the raw me in my poetry. When reading my work I want the reader to feel connected to the deepest parts of me, Zulmie.

Over the years as I evolved, learned, and healed from many lessons and losses I grew into and still am growing into Zulmie. The name Zulmie is POWERFUL with many layers of meaning which I will cover in another blog post. Thank you for reading and lending me your attention for a few!

Your Poet,


Written by Marie "Zulmie" Lorminey

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