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Express Gratitude and Reset

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As I am writing this blog post on 8/21/21, which is two months from the date 6/21/21 when I wrote my last blog post. I often beat myself for not being consistent and compare my inconsistency to other areas I am consistent in. That comparison always causes my heart, mind, and spirit to be heavy and not attempt to find the time or space to be consistent, then I feel stuck and overwhelmed. The overwhelming feeling grows deeper because I start to think of ALL areas of my life from personal to professional I am inconsistent in and then anxiety sets in. However, because I practice the attitude of gratitude daily I can find a moment of Reset. The Reset can come from a moment of stillness, expressing gratitude, a conversation, the presence and energy of matched frequency, encouraging or empowering words from a sincere and genuine person, or support in many forms.

I experienced several Reset moments that gave me the strength, courage, wisdom, and empowerment to get the blog, podcast, and other important aspects of the business side of Zulmie straight and I would like to take a moment to express gratitude to those that impacted me without knowing. I am grateful for the support of Ms.Poetic Soul and Manja Wiles, two of my many favorite Poets, supporting me and getting their copy of "Rotten Soup." I am grateful for my newfound virtual Powerhouse Casey Richardson that sends me positive vibes and encouragement from South Africa. I am grateful for my Ace, Rayna, who is my spiritual mentor, advisor, matched frequency and energy, my PERFECT EVERYTHING. I am grateful for the daily accountability conversations, text, and motivation that I get from my Mentor Bashiri and King Marc in our group text. I am grateful for Queen Kamaria, another favorite poet that always checks in with me before I can ever send a text first. I am grateful for my friend Paris who always checks in and asks how she can support me as a Poet, business owner, and friend. I am grateful for my friend Dr.Stanley that always finds opportunities for Zulmie LLC. I am grateful for my cousin Caroline, who checks in daily and the conversations we have empowers me and other times give me the laughter my soul needs. I am grateful for ALL my family, my brothers, sisters, and cousins that support me EVERY DAY. I am grateful to you all on the email list that read every blog, listens to every podcast, and engages with me online. You all have truly empowered me to keep going even when I do not want to. THANK YOU!

Reset as often as you need to. Resetting helps you to refocus, express gratitude, restrategize, plan, and execute. Next time you are overwhelmed by Life, remember to Reset by taking a moment of silence, meditating, writing out what you are grateful for, engage with people that empower you, do things that elevate your frequency and vibration, take care of yourself, and rest. Reset as often as you need.

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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