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Details Matter

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

October 12th is creeping around the corner and as I prepare for my first event the details matter. There is a lot of work that goes into planning an event no matter how large or small scale it may be. For the event to run seamlessly and have your attendees enjoy themselves the details matter and will make a world-class difference.

I have learned that under every main detail there is/are several sub details that must be completed to make the main detail materialize. Just to give an example to the depth of details I will share one. Trust me one example will suffice. If I gave more than one you would walk away from this post completely overwhelmed with details.

The main detail of securing the venue is major. Once you paid that venue fee you start to think about all the sub details. One, how to decorate? Two, what theme to the decorations? Three, which volunteers/helpers should be placed where? Four, what type of “elevator music” to play in the background? Five, should the music reflect the theme, the artist, the art, or the journey? Six, what should occur while people leave the venue? Seven, should you do party favors, survey, or thank you cards? I will stop here because I am getting overwhelmed.

I will admit that the details can get overwhelming sometimes. It’s like once you complete one sub details ten more pop on you. One sub detail I did enjoy was making the “Rotten Soup” playlist. I am preparing for this event and making sure I pay attention to the details so, you will enjoy your “Rotten Soup” experience. Thank you to everyone that has RSVP already!

Your Poet,


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