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Daily Lament

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I decided to continue on the topic of grief. Last blog post I wrote from the space of losing a loved one. In this blog, I want to address the space of grief that we all are experiencing during the current pandemic and peculiar times. I believe we all are experiencing a form of or several forms of grief outside of the space of losing someone by death.

The onset of the current pandemic has caused us to live in a constant state of grief. We grieve the normal world we once knew. Work, school, church, leisure, gym, social gatherings, and life as we have known it has changed drastically. Life has become this virtual, distant, and non-relational world. We try to navigate this new world with our old minds, emotions, actions, and we are finding out real quick it is not the same world and we must adjust to the new norm.

So, we grieve being able to be in large crowds. We grieve being able to hug our family, loved ones, and friends. We grieve being closer than six feet. We grieve relationships that no longer exist from the social constraints of Rona. We grieve the world we once knew, while still grieving the loss of a loved one during these times. So we find ourselves in a constant state of grieve but we learn how to adjust and navigate this Covid world.

We learn every day how to be relational, virtually. We learn how to be in smaller crowds. We learn to keep our bodies healthy and immunity to live and be closer than six feet around our loved ones. We learn ways to keep our minds sharp or busy to prevent mental problems. We learn to talk on the phone to those friends and relationships that are still around. We learn to wear our masks, wash our hands, and social distance when in public to prevent getting Covid. We learn how to give gratitude for every day we live to see. We have learned how to adjust to this new world while still grieving the loss of the old world we knew.

I believe we all are living in a constant state of grief. Every day we go on learning, adjusting, and navigating our new world while grieving. We are all in this together. Keep gratitude in your heart and lips and express it daily. Gratitude will allow you to live in the present, have peace, and have the power to live.

Love Your Poet,


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