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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How many of you, us (myself included) have said we are going to work out, eat right, work my passion or dream, be productive, meditate, pray more, read every day, listen to a podcast or two, make a daily schedule and the list can go on forever. I find myself making a list every day, every week, every weekend, and maybe doing one or two things. Do you find it hard to be more consistent with anything during the current times?

I know I sure do. I find myself floating between consistency and inconsistency on a regular basis. A perfect example is the organizing and consistency that my weekly IG Live requires. Each week several days before. I write out an outline, prepare the playlist, meet with my team, and prepare the aesthetics. This week I found myself floating more on the side of inconsistency. I did not prepare as I normally do, I just did not feel like and was not really motivated to do anything. Then I remembered I have to write this blog. I was like F*&% let me get myself together.

So, I grabbed my planner and to my surprise, I had already planned and mapped out my IG Lives for all of May to June. This surprise really helped give me some peace and now all I have to focus on is aesthetics and this blog post. I found myself trying to give myself many excuses not to write like ugghh I got to do my weekly module for work, I have to put in online hours for another job, I do not have a topic to talk about, oh I have to do this and that. I was just looking for a reason not to do it. Instead of finding excuses and floating deeper into inconsistency waters, I said let me write about exactly what I am dealing with because I am sure we all are dealing with some form of inconsistency, a list of excuses, little to no motivation. Yet, we always find a way to at least do something productive or do several things when we are floating in the sea of consistency, no wave of excuses or, no sand granule of little motivation.

Do not be so hard on yourself when you float deeper and deeper into the sea of inconsistency just remember to just ride the wave back to shore. The way you ride the wave is to focus on a moment of consistency and let that be your life vest in aiding you to shore. While I was drifting far from the consistency shore and deeper into inconsistency waters it was reflecting on the moment of consistency that brought me back to safety. That moment of consistency allowed me to not only plan for two months but was able to give me peace. May your moments of consistency be your lifeline and peace in times of your inconsistency.

Looking forward to seeing you on IG Live tomorrow!

Love Your Poet,


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