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Abstinence Chronicles

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My last two podcast episodes have focused on the topic of Abstinence. This topic has many layers of meaning and understanding. My poetry mentor, Bashiri Durham of Writenowoccassions (visit or on IG & FB @writenowoccasions) and I have had several dialogues about the various forms of abstinence that were revealed to use both as we discussed Abstinence. Believe me, you would have loved to hear the deepness of the revelations we received. Guess what?

We decided, my poetry mentor and I have decided to record a few podcast episodes on the topic of Abstinence. The episode will be called the Abstinence Chronicles. Bashiri and I met in grad school. We both attended Regent University. He instantly clicked of course because we were from New York but our bond was deeper because we were from Long Island to cement our bond tighter was the fact that we were also from Nassau County, only miles apart. He was from Roosevelt and I was from Uniondale. If you know anything about these two cities they overlap each other. I could walk less than a few feet and be in Roosevelt. Further, Bashiri was one of the groomsmen at my wedding, he will be again whenever me and my dream dude link-up *winking face emoji* Without further ado I give you all Bbbbbaaaaasssshhhhhiiiirrrrri:

Heyyyyyy everyone! I’m excited and pleased to make your acquaintance. Marie is a jewel of a human being and it is awesome to be connected to such an encouraging light. As you may already know, Marie has been on an incredible journey of abstinence and has been gracious enough to offer us excerpts from her undoubtedly incredible insights that she is gaining along the way. I’ve personally been enriched by her podcasts in which she has shared very informative details pertaining to personal milestones along her abstinence journey. I’m a friend and a fan so you already know how excited I am to have been invited to collaborate with her in this exciting endeavor!!!

Marie made mention of the conversation that we had with respect to the topic at hand, and there were some incredibly valuable takeaways as a result. I look forward to the upcoming series of podcasts that we will engage in to explore this exciting subject matter.

Abstinence is a very personal journey and indeed it is necessarily specific to the individual who will endeavor to practice it. We concluded that abstinence is very much a mindset that informs the discipline with which we will employ regarding our sexuality. However, Marie put forth the question as to whether or not abstinence is more than just refraining from sexual intercourse. Perhaps she has a point. How does abstinence inform how we open ourselves emotionally to the opposite sex? What does abstinence mean in terms of platonic relationships with the opposite sex? Can abstinence be compromised if we cross emotional and mental boundaries that may not be appropriate for certain kinds of relationships?

I’m sure all of those topics will be explored in-depth at some point during our podcasts so look out for those!!! However, what I can say at this point is that knowledge of self is fundamental to any journey involving self-development and or discipline and it is from that informed understanding that will guide wherever we may find ourselves on the spectrum of personal growth and development. Listen to yourself, trust the process, and enjoy the journey of self-mastery. Peace.

Bashiri and I look forward to you all tuning in and listening to the "Abstinence Chronicles." I also to seeing all of who are able to attend the "Pop of Positivity event on March 29, 2020. Have a wonderful day!

Love Your Poet,

Zulmie & Bashiri Durham

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