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Sometimes I feel empty. Not the physical, mental, or emotional empty but creatively. I do not know when I am empty in this area until I have a creative experience that leaves me completely full. I have been so focused and busy with Zulmie that I did not realize I am famished.

When I am famished in other areas and I know exactly what to do. From a hearty meal, connecting with my girlfriends, taking a trip, or time alone to name a few. Music, art, and life experiences usually nourish my poetry. Silly me for thinking that would nourish all of my creativity too. However, I had an experience that filled me up beyond capacity with my cup running over, over, and over again several times.

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, my soul was baptized in the Lake of Minnetonka of Obbie West performance at Apache Cafe in Atlanta. If you are not familiar with Obbie West, I need you to stop reading and CLICK HERE to listen and come back. Now that you are baptized, purified, and a member of the West fan club I can continue this post. *big smile emoji* The live performance was a heavenly feast. My soul ate and was beyond satisfied.

My glutton tale tossed and turned all night. I could not sleep. My creativity was flowing and pouring out of me. I filled my phone with notes of the many creative ideas, insight, and illumination. I am so grateful for going to the Obbie West performance. Now I know a way to nourish my creativity. On top of all that, meeting Mr.West and talking to him for a few minutes was amazing. He is very approachable, kind, engaging, and present with whoever is in his presence. Make it a bucket list goal to see Obbie West in person. I look forward to hearing about your Obbie West experience in the very near future.

Thank you for always supporting me. I am grateful for you and appreciate you.

Love Your Poet,


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